Monday, August 17, 2009

Today was a pretty crappy day outside, kinda feels like fall already- weather wise. It was about 10 degrees out, when it should be about 25-30, so I put on a hoodie, some slippers and turned on the furnace! Because it was cold and gloomy outside I decided that I should organize a little. When these moments happen I definatly like to take advantage of them. I tidy up a cupboard that houses my plastic containers for food, which was definatly in need. Then, I tackled the computer room. Here's some pics after pics....the walls in the whole house are boring white (we rent, and don't feel like painting it back when we leave eventually).
I took some pics of the furniture in here, I'd like to cover them eventually...whenever I find fabric I like and learn how to do it.

Gator on the couch-ugly hide-a-bed covered with a blanket to hide the couch/contain the dog hair. I also need to learn how to sew! I want to make some cute pillow covers for the ugly pillows! I think learning to sew a pillowcase would be a fairly easy project.

Here's a chair that my neighbours were throwing out because the leg was broken on it...really comfy and it rocks...also needs a face lift!

Computer desk...still can see some clutter on both sides...I need to find a home for that stuff..mostly the bf's.

Close up of the cute stencils that I put on the wall today.

And, I finished the grocery bag here's some pics of the finished product.
I used Bernat 100% cotton yarn the color is "over the rainbow" very vibrant, awesome colors!

Here's the bag up close

It's not too big, but the pattern claims that it will stretch from the weight of produce in it.

After posting these pics I really do need to learn how to upholstry..pretty much all my furniture with the exception of our bed has been hand-me-downs (which is fine) but they're all mismatched and outdated.

Byyyeeee :)


  1. you're a dork. you cannot cover the the hide-a-bed!!! you forgot to mention that you need to put a blanket over it because it's rough wool that will scour your face off, oh memories

  2. Can I ask a silly question? I'm trying to follow the pattern for the shopping bag and I saw your comment there. Yours looks *lovely*!

    I'm confused about the body where it's DC1 CH2 - after the first round, am I only doing DCs into the previous rounds DCs? If I do one into every chain, it seems like it would expand really quickly7 and look odd, but there's no mention of skipping stitches.

    I'm just learning to follow patterns so maybe I'm missing something obvious but I wasn't sure how to progress!