Tuesday, August 18, 2009

crafting for christmas

I've decided that I am going to make at least something for everyone in my family for Christmas this year. So I should start planning now so that I can get my ass in gear and start making some goodies as to not be so rushed come December (aka the month of hell, 3 birthdays and xmas).
As my middle sister is likely the only person that reads my blog lol, I won't post what I'm making her. As for idea's for everyone else I'm drawing blanks..any suggestions?

  • Mom:? Have to think on that one
  • Dad: Likes photography- thinking of making him a photo album of things that he's interested in and then editing the pictures a bit on piknic
  • Kiley: Likes scrapbooking..really I have no clue for her, we hardly talk
  • Lindsay: Secret! ^-^
  • Chris: Well I'm working on an afghan for him right now, that he knows about. I am going to make him some stenciled shirts, he's pretty easy to make stuff for and he's on the road a lot so I have ample time to make something for him.
  • Blaine: (my brother in law)...no clue! He's so hard to buy for, let alone make anything for.
  • Neices and Nephew: I want to make some of those easy "no sew" blankets that are made out of fleece I think, my mom made each one of them one a few years ago and they were a hit.
  • O&O: my grandparents, I was thinking about making them a fleece blanket too, maybe also a photo album, they're both going to be 89 this year...so they basically have everything they need..ya know?
  • Momma & Art: my grandmother and her bf: possibly something similar to my other grandparents
  • Crystal: Sister-in-law, I have been working on a cross stitch pattern for her that I started in Oct or Nov last year and totally underestimated the time that it would take. Expecially since it is/was my first xstitch pattern. So, just need to finish that and get a frame
  • Debbie: Mother-in-law...might do a betty boop xstitch pattern for her, she's a major fan! Also a nice no sew blanket (seeing a pattern here?)
  • Lynn: Father-in-law: no clue...guys are hard to make stuff for.

That's it...so many people! Gawd!


  1. what about Josh? haha kidding, he doesn't need anything, he's fucking spoiled enough.
    so i thought your idea about the journal thing was fucking amazing. i think that rather than give one to momma and gram, you should just pick one, and i'll do one for the other. i told gram to make me a cookbook and then since momma was there i had to say the same to her. so why don't we each give a journal and get a cookbook. i'm sorry but i want gram's cookbook. i guess it doesn't really matter because we will share. actually, now that i think of it, momma's would be bad ass too, if she puts poppa's recipes in there and arts, aka the muffin man :) make art a muffin man cross stitch thing, muhaha

  2. oh ya, i don't read your blog so feel free to dish on all the goodies you're buying me for xmas :) well it did take me a month to read this. by the time i'll read it again xmas will be over.