Friday, August 14, 2009

First Post :)

I have been reading random blogs on here for well over a year and have finally decided to jump on the bandwagon and get my own blog up and running.
Tonight I crochetted a grocery produce bag- I've been wanting to make one for a while but have been busy making a bunch of other things. Now that I have a little bit of time I thought I'd fire one up! They're easy to make and work up rather quickly, but use a suprising amount of yarn..which is fine, maybe I can see my stash dwindle before my eyes!
I am not finished yet, but if anyone is interested here's the link to the pattern I got:
I modified it a little so far, instead of ch 7 for the handles I have ch 50. I wanted a really nice long handle that you can sling over your shoulder while you're shopping. I'll post some pics when it's finished.
Short but sweet post, off to bed. I have to get up at 6 for work tomorrow.

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